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D-Solv’ is a Patented Formulae of Dr. Tom’s Laboratory Pvt.Ltd., the makers of Myo-functional appliance and the world renowned Clinic Management Software -Pappyjoe. D-Solv’ heralds the new dawn in the treatment of Dental Caries. D-SOLV’ is ideal for use on most types of carious lesions. The method is minimally invasive and affects only the carious part of the teeth. As a result; the teeth last longer, the risk of complications is reduced and patient comfort is enhanced. Any Dentist who is interested in minimally-invasive as well as patient & quality-oriented treatment methods will find D-Solv’ extremely useful. D-SOLV’ is an amino acid combination (amino acids are among the fundamental building blocks of life) for softening and removing decayed dentine (dentine caries). As you know; Dentin is the slightly yellow material that makes up most of the tooth. A hard, outer layer of enamel surrounds the dentine. Dentin is much more vulnerable to decay than the enamel. The two component D-Solv’ System is mixed into a gel and then applied to the decayed tooth. The gel softens the hard decayed material so that it can be partially removed with hand instruments. The decay that cannot be removed with hand instruments is to be removed with a dental drill. D-Solv’ removes only the non-remineralisable layer of dentine caries without affecting the remineralisable layer. Since D-Solv’ minimizes use of the dental drill, it is the best option for patients who are anxious about drilling procedures, especially children.

Product Dsolv


The use of Drill; and Drilling of Teeth with The Burr and the Shrilling sound of Drilling of Teeth; Create A sort of Fear and Psychologically, this fear has made the field of Dentistry dreaded to a Common Man. As we researched on ways by which Dentistry can be made more Patient Friendly; We found out that there lies a huge demand for a technique that can replace the drills/burrs in Dentistry. Ten years of hard research done by our sponsored Research Team at SCTIMST, Thiruvananthapuram: One of the World’s finest Dental Research Institute; led to the development of this revolutionary product: D- Solv’.

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