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Easy braces was developed to bring about tooth guidance effects as well as have a functional effect too. The appliance has been designed using CAD/CAM techniques. The appliance is soft and are shaped in the form of the normal parabolic shape of the dental arches that can straighten a five to seven year old child’s permanent front teeth as they erept in to the mouth by using natural dental eruptive forces. The appliance can help eliminate buckteeth (overjet), crowding, overbite, openbite and harmful bad habits. Survey * shows that out of 72 to 80% of the kids during the mixed dentition period walking in to a dental clinic with a complaint of mobile deciduous teeth, pain or extraction or routine dental check up has a malaligned teeth or some pressure habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip biting, bruxism, etc.. All these habits could lead to worsening of the orthodontic problem. In such situation usually a wait and watch approach is adopted by most of the dentist. With the advent of easy braces the treatment can now be started at an early age about six years i.e. at the beginning of the mixed dentition period & a favorable result can be expected.Minor malalignments & habits can be corrected with this appliance and in many cases extractions can also be avoided. Its unique retentive features prevents it from falling out while sleeping. The patented design ensures comfortable fit & helps increasing the patients compliance. Research says that pressure imbalance is the most important causative factor for malocclusion other than the general and local factors.The habits being, Thumb sucking, Finger sucking, Tongue thrusting, Abnormal swallowing habits, Speech defects, Respiratory abnormalities (e.g., Mouth breathing), Tonsils & adenoids, Bruxisim, Lip Biting etc. Identification of the possible etiological factors & attempt to eliminate the problem is the most important aspect of present day. Orthodontics where the situation is identified & intercepted before it blooms into a severe problem. These interceptive procedures would either eliminate or atleast reduce the severity of the problem thus making future treatment procedures more easy & stable.

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