Advantages of Using Easy Joint

Universal size – fits 95% of patients without adjustments, no impression, no moulding. Symptoms will reduce or will be eliminated without time consuming procedures. Soft material construction is easy on painful joints and mucles unlike hard acrylic and vacuum formed splint. Low cost initial treatment for the patients reluctant to proceed with more expensive procedures. ACHIEVE symptom relief by relieving pressure on the temporomandibular joints plus relaxing the jaw and neck muscles.


Use the applicance for about 2 hours each day and after a few days overnight as well some people may find this uncomfortable at first, but should continue to use till there is relief of pain. If pain is not resolved, additional treatment may be necessary like Physiotherapy, relaxation exercises, changes in the bite with orthodontics or crown and bridge work. NSAID’s and Tricyclic antidepressants should also be used in conjunction with this treatment.

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