How EASY BRACES acts as a habit breaking appliance ?

The oral screen like structure enveloping the teeth buccally / labially help in treating the mouth breathing or thumb sucking habits. This allows for the child to shift from oral to nasal breating, which in turn allows the nasal passages to develop and the plate to descend. The maxillary arch therefore tends to develop into a shallow arch and a U shaped arch develops due to the parabolic natural like shape of the appliance. Promotion of development of a U shaped arch allows an increase in the inter-canine dimensions of the mandible, thereby allowing resolution of mandibular anterior crowding.

Small projections on the labial aspect of the oral screen like structure in the region relating to the mandibular anteriors (labial grip), behaves as a lip bumber or mentalis stretcher, which in turn deactivate an over active mentalis muscle, thereby allowing a mandibular anterior flat arch to develop into a rounded one and thereby increasing arch perimeter. It also allows the perioral group of muscles to become normotonic thereby ensuring a lip seal. A tongue spikes has also been incorporated in the maxillary palatal aspect, which is used to train aberrant tongue habits such as retained infantile or tongue thrust cases. Thus, the imbalance of forces acting on the developing arches if any from the lingual aspect are also taken care of. The tooth channels for upper and lower teeth are designed in such a way so as to behave like an activator guiding the teeth into the occlusion.

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