D-SOLV’ – Key Benefits

D-Solv’ is the most promising product in the Dental Treatment area today. The key benefits that it offers mentioned below will make it the preferred choice over drilling.

Selectively removes softened/affected dentine and conserves the tooth structure, thereby lessening the chance of iatrogenic pulp exposure.

Saves your healthy tooth/tissues as much as possible.

Causes less pain and discomfort. It is bio compatible, with no pulp reaction.

Reduces or eliminates the need for the drill and local anesthetics.

Dental filling materials bond very well to tooth after treatment with D-Solv’.

Benefitting children

Sofi takes her daughter little Ancy to treat a carious lesion of her molar for restoration. Both mother and daughter are nervous and their dreadness of visiting the Dentist is visible on their faces. Imagine how relieved were they when the dentist showed them a brochure of D-Solv’ and explained to them that Ancy’s tooth could be restrored without drilling or using anesthesia. Thousands of Sofis and little Ancys would be out there desperately waiting for their Dentists to start using D-Solv. Relieve them of their anxiety of drills and anesthesia. Provide them the painless treatment of D-Solv and be the Leader in Your field by being The First to embrace the latest advancements and there by being Your Patient’s Hero !

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