Case History

Lower Anterior Crowding

Easy Braces can correct upto 4 mm of crowding in the lower jaw provided deciduous molars in the back of the mouth are still present. Easy Braces when used at the early age of 7 - 10 years can often prevent extraction of permanent teeth which is frequently recommended to correct crowding when the treatment is postponed until most of the child’s permanent teeth are present around 12 years of age. In case of early loss of deciduous molars the posterior tooth guiding slots prevents the mesial migration of first permanant molar and thus Easy Braces acts as a SPACE MAINTAINER.

Class II Excessive overjet

Easy Braces can correct the severity of the overjet within 4-10 months of active treatment. Patient has a severe overjet of about 7 mm with protruding upper anteriors which is caused by the habit of mouth breathing. About 2-4 hours of excercise or biting force each day and overnight wear over a period of 8-10 months brought down the degree of severity in overjet to about 2 mm. After the 8-10 months of active treatment period approximately one year of retention period is needed when the appliance is worn just at night to maintain the correction that has been obtained during the active treatment period.

Class II - Excessive overjet with spacing and deepbite

An overjet of about 5 mm was brought down 2 mm with in one year of about 2 hours of daytime wear and 8-10 hours while sleeping. Patients with severe mouthbreathing may experience the problem of appliance falling out while sleeping in the initial stages. Some means of holding the mandible lightly to the upper jaw enables the treatment to continue. For eg. tying a towel around the head and mandible.


Deepbite is the most common orthodontic problem that causes looseness and loss of front teeth. It is also highly associated with poor jaw function and periodontal problems. Treatment should ideally begin as the lower front adult teeth first erupt into the mouth (about the age of 5-6 years). But can still be treated successfully even though a few of the front adult teeth are already present in the mouth. The tooth guiding slots present in the posterior part of Easy Braces allows the supraeruption of posteriors there by corrects the excessive overbite in such patients.

Open Bite

Caused by thumb sucking and the compensatory anterior tongue thrust that follows it. An openbite if not corrected when the front adult teeth first erupt becomes a very difficult orthodontic problem to correct. The appliance corrected the anterior open bite in about two years of active treatment. The upper anteriors were guided to erupt into proper plane once the habit of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting was corrected.

Spacing between teeth

Spaces are frequently present with an overbite or ovejet problem. Upto 4 mm of spacing can be corrected in the growing child in about 6-10 months of Easy Braces treatment. Many other problems such as anterior crossbite, midline diastema, temporomandibular joint problems can also frequently be corrected with this treatment.

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